The Problem of Oromo Refugees



The Problem of Oromo Refugee:
This is why we left our country

  1. In Ethiopia, we Oromo people are like a country outside our country. The reason of the problem is the Ethiopian government. Our Oromo people are killed by the government, arrested, put in prison. Innocent children and women die. Boys and girls, elders and university students. In Ethiopia, there is no democracy and freedom.
  2. Before 2015, Oromo people went from Ethiopia to Sudan. Then the Ethiopian government and Sudan government agree to stop the Oromo people that go to Sudan, and Oromo people already in Sudan are deported back to Ethiopia. When Oromo people return to Ethiopia, they are arrested and put in prison. So now we do not have a chance to stay in Sudan. So now we go to Libya, through the Sahara desert.
  3. In Sahara desert the problem is that there is no food and water. People die of hunger and thirst. Men and women are raped by people smugglers and police alike. Some people are shot, or their throats are cut open with knives, like goats. Other migrants go from Sudan through Egypt, where people also die of hunger and thirst.
  4. People smugglers take us in Libya. When we are there we are detained and put in containers, 300 people in one. You cannot go out, you can only stay there. They ask you money with a gun to your head. If you can send it, you can go. If you do not have money you can die there. They ask 5000 to 10000 USD to go. If you do not pay this money, they may also take your kidneys to sell, or more often you are sold into slavery. In Egypt, many people hate people from Ethiopia, because Ethiopia built a big electricity dam on the Nile that takes away water from Egypt.
  5. Again our problem has no solution so when we leave Libya and Egypt we go through the sea. When we cross the sea, the boat is very small. There is space for 200, but 600 come in. On the water the boat is rocking, and many people fall down. Some people also try to dive and swim to international water to be rescued, but they also die.
  6. When we cross the Mediterranean Sea, after we arrive in Italy the red cross and Italian coast guard say “Welcome to Italy!”. So we are very happy for this. They rescue us and give us water, food, clothes and medical help. But the Italian government does not recognize the case of oppression of Oromo people. So for this reason, we want to go to Switzerland and Germany, and we want to talk about our case.
    At the end, after we leave our country, cross Sudan, the Sahara, Libya, the Mediterranean Sea, and get to Italy, we still have no solution. Our solution is to open the border and recognize the Oromo case.

We do not want to go to the government camp: it does not recognize the Oromo case. We did not go away from Oromiya because we want to go to camp. We go away from Ethiopia because Ethiopia is no freedom.

Thank you.

The Oromo refugees at the Station in Como.



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